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Rent your boat without crew

Whether you’re traveling with family, friends or couples, our professionals guarantee you an exceptional experience on board our luxury boats!

In order to offer you top-of-the-line services, our yachting experts organize luxurious cruises with a crew dedicated to your well-being.

Your private chef will be happy to satisfy your culinary desires from breakfast to dinner. Do not hesitate to communicate your gastronomic preferences.

Crewed yacht charter is a real five-star hotel on the water, just for you!


Discover the advantages of renting a boat without a skipper at Sail Riviera

You are an experienced sailor and want to enjoy your freedom at sea? Sail Riviera offers boat rentals without a skipper, allowing you to sail at your own pace and according to your desires. In this article, we explain how skippered charter works and the advantages it offers at Sail Riviera.
ux benefits...

A tailored navigation experience
By opting for a rental without a skipper, you are in control of your itinerary and your schedule. You can decide to sail at your own pace, adapting your route according to your desires and the weather conditions. This way, you can fully enjoy your trip at sea, without constraints or imposed schedules.

A varied choice of boats adapted to your needs

Sail Riviera offers a wide range of boats without skipper, from sailboats to catamarans and schooners. This allows you to choose the boat that best suits your needs and your level of sailing experience. Our boats are regularly maintained and equipped with the latest navigation technology to guarantee you a safe trip.
Personalized training and support
At Sail Riviera, we make sure that you feel perfectly comfortable on board your boat without a skipper. Before your departure, we offer you a personalized training and briefing to familiarize you with the specificities of the boat, the safety rules and the particularities of the sailing area. We also remain at your disposal throughout your stay to assist you if necessary.

A complete service for a serene stay

By renting a boat without a skipper from Sail Riviera, you benefit from all the services and equipment necessary to fully enjoy your trip. We take care of all the administrative formalities and provide you with the required navigation documents. In addition, our boats are equipped with safety equipment, kitchen and bedding to ensure a comfortable and serene stay.

In short,

Sail Riviera’s bareboat charter offers you the opportunity to live a unique sailing experience adapted to your desires. Don’t hesitate to ask about our skippered charter offers and get ready to cast off for an unforgettable adventure at sea!

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Demandez-nous conseil pour votre future croisière

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Ask us for advice for your future cruise