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Georges and Dany, our experienced skippers, will take you to explore the wonders of Formentera. Dive into its crystal clear waters and discover its unspoiled beaches stretching for miles.

You will be surrounded by a multitude of diverse vessels that contribute to a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Hop on a paddle and go say hello to your neighbors for the day.

Set foot on Beso Beach with your dinghy and enjoy the day’s catch in a relaxed and elegant setting typical of beachside straw huts.

When you arrive at the Ibiza Marina, stroll along the quays with their unique and colorful architecture designed by Jean Nouvel, at the foot of the buildings called “Boas”.
Head to the Marina. The panoramic view of the port and the old town is breathtaking.

The dancers’ performances are set to an avant-garde playlist. The night is just beginning…”

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What water activities can you practice in Ibiza?

Discover Ibiza with Sail Riviera: when to go, what to do and how to choose your boat

Ibiza, the famous Spanish island of the Balearic Islands, is often associated with parties and lively nights, but it has much more to offer.
With its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and secret coves, Ibiza is a true paradise for sailing enthusiasts.

In this article, we will answer your questions about this popular destination and give you an overview of a typical stay in Ibiza with Sail Riviera. Embark with us for an unforgettable experience!

When to go to Ibiza?

The best time to visit Ibiza and enjoy its turquoise waters is from May to October. The summer months (June to August) offer warmer temperatures and mild weather, but the high season can be more crowded. If you prefer to sail in peace and quiet, choose spring or fall, when temperatures are still pleasant and crowds are smaller.

 Here are some suggestions to make the most of your stay:

  • Sailing: Explore secret coves, heavenly beaches and picturesque harbors as you sail around the island.
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling: Discover the exceptional seabed and marine life by diving in the turquoise waters.
  • Sea kayaking and paddle boarding: Travel the coasts and rivers to admire breathtaking landscapes while doing sports.
  • Sea fishing: Try your luck at big game fishing or trolling for a unique experience.

Stay type in Ibiza with Sail Riviera :

Day 1: Embarkation in Ibiza Town, sail to Las Salinas beach and spend the night at anchor in a peaceful cove.

Day 2: Direction to the natural reserve of Es Vedrà for a day of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Night in Cala d’Hort.

Day 3: Head for Formentera and its turquoise waters, with a swimming break at Playa Illetes. Night at the port of La Savina.

Day 4: Stopover in Cala Comte to enjoy the fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Night at anchor in a nearby cove.

Day 5: Visit Portinatx and sail to the north coast to explore the wild coves. Anchorage for the night in an isolated cove.

Day 6: Return to Ibiza Town along the west coast, with a stopover in Santa Eulalia to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Night in the port of Ibiza.

What type of boat should I choose from our range?

Sailboats: Perfect for sailing enthusiasts and small groups, our sailboats offer an authentic and friendly sailing experience.

Catamarans: Ideal for families and groups of friends, catamarans offer more space, stability and comfort while sailing.

Motor Yachts: For clients seeking luxury and performance, our motor yachts allow for fast and stylish travel between ports of call.

Schooners: For a traditional and elegant sailing experience, our schooners are perfect for guests who want a unique adventure aboard a boat with a rich history.

The advantages of sailing with Sail Riviera

By choosing Sail Riviera for your cruise in Ibiza, you benefit from several advantages that will make your trip exceptional:

  • Customized itineraries: Our team of experts will help you plan your ideal itinerary, taking into account your interests and preferences.

  • Professional crew: Enjoy superior service from our experienced and attentive crew, who will ensure your comfort and safety throughout the trip.

  • Activities and excursions: We will provide you with exciting activities and excursions to enrich your experience and allow you to discover Ibiza from a unique perspective.

  • Flexibility: Our formulas are adapted to your needs, whether you wish to cruise with your family, as a couple or with friends, and whether you prefer to sail independently or with a crew at your service.

In summary

In short, sailing in Ibiza with Sail Riviera is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of this fascinating destination while enjoying a tailor-made trip and a quality service. So, what are you waiting for to hoist the sails and live a unique adventure!

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your next trip to Ibiza and let yourself be seduced by this island of beauty!

Need a cruise tip?

Alan, our destination expert Ibiza answers all your questions.

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Demandez-nous conseil pour votre future croisière

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Ask us for advice for your future cruise

Need some advice for your next adventure at sea?

You've found us!

Our expert Alan is here to guide and accompany you in planning your ideal cruise.

Request a private and personalized consultation with Alan now!

Need some advice for your next adventure at sea?

You've found us!

Our expert Alan is here to guide and assist you in planning your ideal cruise.

Request a private and personalized consultation with Alan now!