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After a discreet arrival in Paros in the Cyclades, Sifnos, the exclusive one, gives itself up to you. By walking along its paths, you may be following in the footsteps of Ulysses. The island of Sikinos is full of treasures.

The secrets of its vineyards, its olive oil production and its sweet honey are the object of much envy. A secret cove is revealed, perfect for relaxing. Nikos seizes the moment and improvises a fishing party for you. The adventure takes you to Astypalea, the climax of your epic.

The small butterfly island is home to mostly fishermen. Only your boat offers you a heel. Is the bareness and purity of the place to your liking? The return to civilization takes place smoothly by the wild coast of Mykonos.

Enjoy the delights of the sea on Boracay’s pristine white sandy beaches with your feet in the water. Contrast the shades in Camiguin as you traverse the black sand beaches of this volcanic island.

Finally, relax on the peaceful island of Siquijor, where the deserted beaches offer you a peaceful haven to conclude this unforgettable trip.

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What water activities can you practice in Greece?

Discover Greece with Sail Riviera: when to go, what to do and how to choose your boat

Greece, land of mythology and cradle of Western civilization, is a destination of choice for sailing enthusiasts, with its countless islands, crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery. In this article, we will give you tips on how to make the most of your trip to Greece with Sail Riviera, from the must-do itineraries to the types of boats to choose. Let’s embark together for an unforgettable journey!

When to go to Greece?

The best time to sail in Greece is from May to October, with pleasant temperatures and warm sea. The summer months (June to August) are the hottest and sunniest, but also the most crowded. To avoid the crowds and benefit from lower rates, spring and fall are also excellent options.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your stay:

  • Sailing: Explore secret coves, heavenly beaches and picturesque harbors as you sail around the islands.
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling: Discover the exceptional seabed and marine life by diving in the turquoise waters.
  • Sea kayaking and paddle boarding: Travel the coasts and rivers to admire breathtaking landscapes while doing sports.
  • Idyllic landscapes: Visit dreamy landscapes, get lost in the typical Greek streets.

Stay type in Greece with Sail Riviera :

Day 1: Embarkation in Athens, visit of the city and its historical monuments, night in port.

Day 2: Direction the Saronic Gulf, with a stopover in Poros to discover its charming streets and beaches. Night in Poros.

Day 3: Sailing to Hydra, a picturesque island without cars, where donkeys are the main means of transportation. Night in Hydra.

Day 4: Head to the Cyclades islands, with a stopover in Mykonos to enjoy its sandy beaches and lively nightlife. Night in Mykonos.

Day 5: Visit to the island of Delos, a major archaeological site and the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Night in Paros.

Day 6: Discovery of Santorini, famous for its white and blue houses and its breathtaking panoramas. Night in Santorini.

Day 7: Return to Athens, with a stopover in Naxos to enjoy its beaches and local cuisine. Overnight at the port of Athens.

What type of boat should I choose from our range?

Sailboats: Perfect for sailing enthusiasts and small groups, our sailboats offer an authentic and friendly sailing experience.

Catamarans: Ideal for families and groups of friends, catamarans offer more space, stability and comfort while sailing.

Motor Yachts: For clients seeking luxury and performance, our motor yachts allow for fast and stylish travel between ports of call.

Schooners: For a traditional and elegant sailing experience, our schooners are perfect for guests who want a unique adventure aboard a boat with a rich history.

The advantages of sailing with Sail Riviera

By choosing Sail Riviera for your cruise in Greece, you benefit from several advantages that will make your trip exceptional:

  • Customized itineraries: Our team of experts will help you plan your ideal itinerary, taking into account your interests and preferences.

  • Professional crew: Enjoy superior service from our experienced and attentive crew, who will ensure your comfort and safety throughout the trip.

  • Activities and excursions: We will provide you with exciting activities and excursions to enrich your experience and allow you to discover Greece from a unique perspective.

  • Flexibility: Our formulas are adapted to your needs, whether you wish to cruise with your family, as a couple or with friends, and whether you prefer to sail independently or with a crew at your service.

In summary

Sailing in Greece with Sail Riviera is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of this enchanting destination while enjoying a tailor-made trip and a quality service!

So what are you waiting for to hoist the sails and live a unique adventure in the Mediterranean? Contact us today to start planning your dream cruise to Greece!

Need a cruise tip?

Alan, our destination expert Greece answers all your questions.

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Demandez-nous conseil pour votre future croisière

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Ask us for advice for your future cruise

Need some advice for your next adventure at sea?

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Need some advice for your next adventure at sea?

You've found us!

Our expert Alan is here to guide and assist you in planning your ideal cruise.

Request a private and personalized consultation with Alan now!